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As a former student of CJDS, you are part of our family of alumni, now over 500 strong. We are so proud of who are you and what you have gone on to do and learn. You are all over the world, contributing in so many different ways to the Jewish and global world.

We want to help you keep in touch with one another, help you network personally and professionally, and continue to create opportunities for you, our alumni, to come together and share memories from the past and also make new ones.

Please contact us for all the ways you can volunteer with current students at CJDS, join us for school-wide events, participate on an Alumni Committee to plan alumni gatherings, and pay it forward so others can receive a CJDS education like you did.

Stay in the Loop

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The Gina Freeman Shomrei Ha’Adam V’Ha’Adamah Award Honoring CJDS Alumni, Guardians of Humanity and the Earth.

Purpose: This award was created to honor the legacy of Gina Freeman Ph.D., founding educator at Columbus Jewish Day School, who taught at the school from 1998-2018, and helped to build CJDS’s unique program that combines Environmental Education and Service Learning. This $500 award recognizes a CJDS alumna or alumnus each year who is engaged social action work that embodies the values and contributions that Gina embedded in the school’s culture and curriculum over many years, and that we wish to continue to bequeath to future generations. The recipient may use the award towards a middle or high school, or post-graduate education or program.

Any student who attended CJDS is eligible to apply for the Shomrei HaAdam v’Ha’Adamah award. The recipient will be a student in middle school, high school, or college, who demonstrates significant passion for serving humanity/Adam and/or contributions to protecting HaAdamah/the earth:

  • This individual will be someone who initiates important interventions to help make the world a better place through love for the environment and caring for other people.

  • The recipient must demonstrate significant excellence, passion, and leadership by taking on some responsibility for guarding humanity and the earth through volunteering, making monetary or non-monetary donations, utilizing their talents in any ways that help repair different corners of the world, locally or globally, and/or by demonstrating strong social-emotional caring of people of all ages that helps bring wholeness and dignity to others.


Click here to see who has become Bar/Bat Mitzvah and keep up with other alumni lifecycle events.

Let us know what YOU are up to

Click here to see how your fellow alumni have reflected on their CJDS experiences.

We would love to know what you are up to. Call or write to us here . We would love to feature you in an issue of our weekly newsletter, the Ma Koreh! (What’s Happening?)

Come back for a visit

We love having our alumni come back for a visit. Your teachers miss you and it makes their day to reconnect with you and see how you have grown and what directions you have chosen. Whether you want to join us for a Kabbalat Shabbat or any time of week, just let us know and we will make it happen.

Be a guest presenter to current students

You are in the unique position to mentor, inspire, and capture the imagination of our current students. We know you each have amazing experiences and talents to share with this new generation, that could inspire them on a career path, deepen and/or broaden their interests, and begin to imagine how they too, will one day be able to come back and share their wisdom and insights with CJDS students.

Make A Gift

Make a donation today. Whether it is “chai” a gift of $18 or more, you can make a real difference in the school, and ensure it is always improving and growing.

Pay it Forward Fund

In 2016, two CJDS alumni, twins Pierce and Isle Grossman, decided that they wanted to dedicate their B’nai Mitzvah project to CJDS. After careful thought and planning, and meeting with the Head of School, they created the “Pay It Forward” Fund. Within one year, they were able to raise over $14,000.  Click here to see how the Grossman’s initiative was featured in the Columbus Dispatch!

The Pay It Forward Fund is an opportunity to say thank you to Columbus Jewish Day School. You can be a part of the process that guarantees CJDS will continue to foster intellectual sophistication, social responsibility, and personal authenticity for generations of students to come. Make a gift to the Pay It Forward Fund .

We welcome you back home and look forward to hearing all that you have accomplished, and the teachers and administration are always here to help mentor or guide you.

- Your CJDS Family