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"We can think of no greater cause to contribute so that our legacy of taking responsibility to heal the world is secure with the next generation. We are honored to leave a legacy of tzedakah in our gift to CJDS."

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"Creating a legacy gift through Life & Legacy is another way we hope to ensure the ongoing vibrance of a wonderful institution, and its future community."

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Life and Legacy

In partnership with JewishColumbus, Columbus Jewish Day School is participating in the Life & Legacy initiative along with other major Jewish agencies and synagogues around Columbus. The goal of Life & Legacy is to increase awareness of crucial after-lifetime giving to strengthen the future of CJDS for the next generation.

CJDS met the goal of 18 Letters of Intent for 2020-2021. Our new goal, for 2021-2022, is to secure an additional 18 Letters of Intent from the community to create new legacy gifts.

To assure your Jewish Tomorrow TODAY - Contact , or 614-939-5311 for more information.

Legacy Giving

Planned giving offers the opportunity to make a gift to Columbus Jewish Day School today, but plan when the assets you are giving are actually transferred to the school. Gifts may be made from stocks, bonds, retirement funds, and/or real estate.

Your gift -- and the income it generates for CJDS -- become commitments to perpetuating the future vitality of the school for the next generation.

(Photo) Our Head of School, Rachel Arcus-Goldberg and her husband Jeremy have signed a Life and Legacy Letter of Intent. Have you?

A Word from CJDS Head of School, Rachel Arucs-Goldberg.

January 2021


One of my favorite Tu B’shevat stories is that of Honi HaMeagel - Honi the circle maker. As he was walking one day, Honi came upon a man planting a carob tree. Honi asked the man “How long will it take for that tree to bear fruit?” “Seventy years,” the man replied. “But, do you think you’ll still be alive in 70 years?” Honi asked. “When I was a little boy, I loved eating from carob trees that were planted before I was born. So, I am planting these for future generations to enjoy.”

To me, what is most important about this story is not that Honi then fell asleep for 70 years and got to see the fruit from the planted tree be appreciated by future generations. Rather, what is remarkable was the foresight of the man planting the tree - wanting to intentionally create something that will flourish only in the future.

In preparation for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, each class spent time learning about this incredible man and the movement he led to create change in our country. It was during a Third Grade class on peaceful demonstration that chaos broke out at the Capitol. Sheri Gittins, the Third Grade Teacher and General Studies Department Chair, wrote to parents afterwards:

“Today’s events have left the best orators and analysts in our country struggling to find language that explains or encapsulates what has transpired. I, as a parent and an educator, have always taught my children that this country is far from perfect but we have the opportunity for continued growth and the promise to protect certain inalienable rights. Tonight, I find myself struggling to hold fast to my anchor.

Today at 2:30, I told my precious students that a demonstration was taking place that did not uphold the laws of our country. One student looked up what was happening, shared their screen and we saw a picture of people climbing the walls of our Capitol. So, what do we say to our children? How do we make sense of the senseless? I do not have an answer except to wrap them in our arms of unconditional love and open the avenue to every conversation. I invite us to answer every question and assure them that they live in a community surrounded by support, encouragement, and faith.”

At CJDS, we remind our students every day of the four “R’s” - Ready, Respectful, Responsible, Right Choices. We are planting the seeds of critical thinking, creative problem solving and the importance of asking big questions. All in the hopes that these children will grow up to lead and change the world.

Your involvement and investment in CJDS helps ensure that we can continue this critically important work. Please consider including CJDS in your legacy plans and sign a Letter of Intent today.

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