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Life and Legacy

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In partnership with JewishColumbus, Columbus Jewish Day School is participating in the Life & Legacy initiative along with other major Jewish agencies and synagogues around Columbus. The goal of Life & Legacy is to increase awareness of crucial after-lifetime giving to strengthen the future of CJDS for the next generation.

CJDS met the goal of 18 Letters of Intent for 2020-2021. Help us secure an additional 18 Letters of Intent from the community to create new legacy gifts.

To assure your Jewish Tomorrow TODAY - Contact CJDS HERE , or call 614-939-5311 for more information.

Planned giving offers the opportunity to make a gift to Columbus Jewish Day School today, but plan when the assets you are giving are actually transferred to the school. Gifts may be made from stocks, bonds, retirement funds, and/or real estate.

Your gift -- and the income it generates for CJDS -- become commitments to perpetuating the future vitality of the school for the next generation.

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"We can think of no greater cause to contribute so that our legacy of taking responsibility to heal the world is secure with the next generation. We are honored to leave a legacy of tzedakah in our gift to CJDS."

Join Jay and Bat-Ami, and submit a Letter of Intent to CJDS today.

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.
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"Creating a legacy gift through Life & Legacy is another way we hope to ensure the ongoing vibrance of a wonderful institution, and its future community."

Join Jonathan and Susanah, and submit a Letter of Intent to CJDS today.

"Making a Legacy gift to CJDS was one of the easiest important decisions we’ve ever had to make."

Join Andrew and Shylee, and submit a Letter of Intent to CJDS today.

Join Gordon and Donna Hecker, and sign a Letter of Intent today!

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