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Food at CJDS

Kashrut Policy

  • All food and snacks provided by CJDS, including for the Hot Lunch program, are kosher with an appropriate kashrut certification.

Packed Lunches

  • We ask that only dairy or vegetarian items be brought in packed lunches. Students are not allowed to share food for Kashrut, allergy and food sensitivity reasons.

Classroom Snacks

  • Students should arrive each day with food for snack.

  • All food brought into classrooms for snacks, as well as for sharing with groups, must be kosher and marked with an appropriate symbol of kashrut certification.

  • Items baked in individual homes, even if the home is kosher, cannot be served in the classroom.

The list of symbols accepted by CJDS and the JCC is represented below.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 11.37.14 AM.png

Hot Lunch Program

We are proud to offer the option for families to order a kosher, hot lunch every day. Lunch is provided by the JCC Catering Department. Lunches must be ordered in advance, through the JCC.

Parent and community volunteers serve lunch to our children every day. A menu will be published for the month, and you will be able to choose to enroll for the entire quarter at the cost of $8 per meal (you will not be charged for any days when there are field trips or in the event of school cancelation). You will, of course, also be able to pack a (dairy or vegetarian) lunch for your child instead of or in addition to hot lunch. Finally, registration for the hot lunch program will now be coordinated (both sign-up and payment) through CJDS. Please contact Sheila Cline with the JCC should you have any questions.