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At Columbus Jewish Day School, we believe in learning for life.

We believe secular and Jewish learning should live side by side.

Our General Studies curriculum includes English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Through their studies at CJDS, we expect students to graduate with the following abilities in these areas:

  • Read comprehensively and write persuasively
  • Prepared to study and teach a classical and Modern Jewish source text.
  • Demonstrate number sense
  • Show or explain conceptually real-world math situations and problems
  • Test a theory using the scientific method and form conclusions
  • Explain what creates a community and what creates a civilization and how past civilizations have affected our present-day society

Our Jewish Studies curriculum includes Tefilah (Jewish prayer/liturgy), Hebrew Language instruction, and Humash (Bible).  Through their studies at CJDS, we expect them to graduate with the following abilities in these areas:

Participate in and add to Jewish celebrations by acknowledging experiences of wonder and reciting prayers/blessings, performing rituals and explaining meanings.

  • Communicate orally -- using basic conversational Hebrew -- knowledge about Jewish holidays and basic rituals involved in their observance
  • Be able to read a Jewish text and generate questions of philosophical meaning as they relate to the events of Jewish history

For a view at our full CJDS paideia , or abilities and traits of an ideal graduate, click here .