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Abilities and traits of ideal graduates include…

Language Arts:

Read comprehensively and write persuasively, creatively, descriptively, and review and revise their own and their peers’ work.


Show or explain conceptually real-world math situations/problems.

Social Studies:

Explain what creates a community and what creates a civilization and how past civilizations have affected our present day society.

Test a theory using the scientific method and form conclusions.


Communicate orally -- using basic conversational Hebrew -- their knowledge about Jewish holidays and basic rituals involved in their observance.

Hebrew Language:

To be able to read a Jewish text and generate questions of philosophical meaning as they relate to the events of Jewish history.

and Jewish History:

Relate to Jewish celebrations by acknowledging experiences of wonder and reciting prayers/blessings, performing rituals, and explaining meanings


( Jewish Prayer/ liturgy):

Demonstrate social responsibility by volunteering in the community or working on global issues.

Social Action

Have the self-awareness to identify their strengths and challenges and independently use problem solving skills in life.

Intra-personal leadership


Listen with intention to others and know how this relates to being a leader.

Inter-personal leadership:

Independently study for exams and complete assignments they are proud to share.

Work Habits:

Speak and perform in front of an audience using a clear, moderated voice while connecting with the audience in comfort and excitement.

Public Speaking