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Alumni Spotlight

Every month, our newsletter highlights a CJDS alum. If you would like to be featured, please reach out to our Alumni Coordinator, Kerry Selfinger, here .

Previous Alumni Featured:

To read more about Zachary in our October 2020 Newsletter, click here .

Zach is currently a Senior in High School who is taking college credit courses including fourth level Hebrew and Jewish History at OSU. Crediting his time at CJDS, Zach was able to skip 3 courses of Hebrew and swiftly move to the fourth level course of Hebrew and Jewish History.

Zach shares, "At my high school, I have been privileged to take college courses early and I am in my second semester full-time at The Ohio State University."

-Zachary Rodier, CJDS Alumnus

To read more about Gabrielle in our September 2020 Newsletter, click here .

To read more about Tal Mars in our August 2020 Newsletter, click here .

"CJDS has given me an immense love for science and the environment. When transferring to New Albany Middle School, I had a strong love for science and because of CJDS, I excelled. I took advanced courses during high school and helped pioneer the biomedical science program, receiving a perfect score on the national exam.”

- Gabrielle Cohen, CJDS Alumna

Tal credits CJDS as being the start of her intellectual journey and the reason why she is so curious now. "In hindsight, having an open environment to explore my values as a young, Jewish girl was crucial to understanding my life as an adult. The insightful conversations I had with my amazing Teacher Eran Rosenberg in 5th and 6th grade are fortunately to blame… Luckily for me these questions were welcomed, and Eran not only answered most of them but provoked more thinking and understood that there was no right answer. Such meaningful memories of learning at CJDS truly showed how I should approach life with curiosity and openness when I don't understand something, and I am endlessly grateful for that."

To read more about Tal Mars in our August 2020 Newsletter, click here .